National Society of Collegiate Scholars Application Personal Statement

During my experiences in college, I find what is most engaging is when I tutor other students and help them succeed. By helping others, I also help myself improve and become a better person that is more prepared for the future. One day, I aim to become a teacher who inspires students to achieve things that we cannot imagine at this time.


Content Affected by the 2023 WGA Writer’s Strike

This list is only of television shows that I actively watch and was affected by, and am either current on or near current. It doesn’t include any that I have paused watching (such as Young Sheldon, The Sandman, and Not Dead Yet) or plan to watch (such as Night Court 2023, Good Omens, and The Mandalorian). Data sourced from Wikipedia.

  • 9-1-1 (season 7 pushed to midseason)
  • 9-1-1: Lone Star (season 5 pushed to midseason)
  • Abbott Elementary (season 3 delayed indefinitely)
  • Cobra Kai (season 6 production halted)
  • Community: The Movie (filming delayed)
  • Euphoria (season 3 delayed)
  • Fire Country (season 2 delayed)
  • The Good Doctor (season 7 delayed)
  • The Handmaid’s Tale (season 7 writing suspended)
  • The Last of Us (season 2 delayed)
  • The Night Agent (season 2 production delayed)
  • Outer Banks (season 4 production delayed)
  • The Rookie (season 6 pushed to midseason)
  • So Help Me Todd (season 2 delayed)
  • Stranger Things (season 5 filming halted)
  • That ’90s Show (season 2 filming suspended)
  • Wednesday (season 2 delayed)
  • The White Lotus (season 3 delayed)
  • Will Trent (season 2 delayed to midseason)
  • You (season 5 production delayed)

OpenRGB Configuration

For the Redragon K585 keyboard:

Color Wave: Go With the Stream (rainblowflicker side to side)
Spectrum Cycle: The Trial of Light (cycle betweeen colors)
Reactive: Pass without trace (pressed keys light up)
Reactive Ripple: Ripple graff (lights ripple from pressed key)
Rainbow Circle: Fast and the furious (lights flicker inward or outward)
Static: Normally on (lights are stationary in an assorted or solid pattern)


Class Action Lawsuits

This is a list of some lawsuits, some of which I received a settlement for.

Equifax Breach$5.21
Google Plus Profile$2.15
TD Bank$8.82
Epi Pen$134.56
OnePlus$15.50 + $20.50 coupon
Dude Products

Configuring my Galaxy Watch 5

First the typical stuff:

  1. Initially pairing with the Galaxy Wearable app.
  2. When Bluetooth connects, I grant the contact sharing and phone sharing permissions.
  3. Throughout the account connection process, I connect my Google and Samsung accounts.
  4. I disallow the permissions for auto-updates and data sharing, but I allow location permissions.
  5. If applicable, configure mobile carrier service and APN.
  6. Install apps from phone using the Play Store.
  7. Update all apps on Play Store.
  8. Gboard as default keyboard.
  9. Cards added to Google Pay.
  10. Remove tiles

Now the sketchy stuff:

  1. Samung Galaxy Wearable app can be adjusted to scan QR codes for Mobile Carriers ESIM
    • About Galaxy Wearables
    • Tap Galaxy Wearable header several times
    • Test ESIM feature
    • QR Test mode turn ON
  2. Developer mode enable
    • Settings
    • About Watch
    • Software info
    • Software version press several times
  3. Enable ADB debugging and Wi-Fi debugging in developer settings
    • Remember to turn off ADB debugging when not using it
  4. Samsung Health Monitor modifications
    • For ECG and Blood Pressure monitoring
    • GeminiMan created a dedicated phone app to sideload the mods
    • SHM MOD Companion App (has self-updating feature)
    • Similar to the WearOS Manager
    • We’ll remove the un-modded one soon
  5. Remapping Google Wallet instead of Samsung Pay
    • Sideload GW4Remap and configure using instructions
    • Unfortunately we keep Bixby because if we map Google Assistant directly to Home Button hold, it would activate twice.
    • Note – On my own testing, I am having good success with disabling Google Assistant checkbox within the GW4Remap, and then assigning the Home button to Google Assistant. This may allow be to uninstall Bixby instead of simply disabling it
  6. Get rid of Bloat
    • Don’t remove Bixby Agent – We disabled it when remapping Google Wallet
    • You can remove Bixby Wakeup
    • Don’t remove Dialer – Google Phone doesn’t appear to work sideloaded
    • Nice list from Watch 4 which has some apps we want to keep
    • Plenty of watch faces to be removed, but leave a few stock ones. Don’t want to find out what happens when no watch face is available.

Reasons I Might Have Your Phone Number In My Contacts

Sometimes there is a scenario where someone may attempt to share their number with me, but I already have it in my contacts. Here is a list of reasons that may be.

  1. You gave it to me or texted/called me at one point. Plain and simple.
  2. Someone added us to a group chat. It happens.
  3. Someone shared your number with me. Unlikely since I don’t ask.
  4. Your number was listed in a phone book or online directory.
  5. Your number came up in an online search for your name.

Things I Hate or Don’t Trust

This is a list of companies or products that I hate or cannot trust because of ethical issues, privacy or security concerns or terrible customer service.


  • Apple
  • GoDaddy
  • TikTok
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Zoom
  • Tencent
  • React by Meta

Sketchy Financial Institutions:

  • Wells Fargo
  • M&T Bank
  • Zelle
  • Bank of America
  • PNC Bank
  • PayPal
  • Bank Mobile


  • Netflix
  • Disney


  • Chinese government
  • Temu
  • Planet Fitness

Tasker App

Tasker is a useful automation tool for Android that allows programmable events to occur.

By default, Tasker will use the device clock/alarm function to guarantee events are run. This function is called Reliable Alarms. A clock will be visible on the Android notification bar and other screens, even though no actual alarm is set. This feature can be disabled by accessing:

Preferences > Monitor > Use Reliable Alarms

…and set it to Never, or only when the device is off.


Towson Application Personal Statement

Starting at a young age, I started learning skills with computers, including computer languages, building websites, and fixing problems that may occur. When I was in middle and high school, I tutored and assisted teaching in a computer lab environment, and even built software to enhance learning and help administration keep maintenance of the systems. When I was fifteen, I realized that what I was learning in my high school would not benefit my future career in computing and technology. I decided to leave and start college classes early, to start working on my degree, while finishing high school concurrently in an online program. Before I turned eighteen, I also invested my time as a Boy Scout, and successfully earned the highest rank of Eagle Scout. While continuing to pursue my degree in Computer Science, I’ve developed a client list of people who call me to create websites for their businesses or fix their devices. While I believe that technology can be complex, it can be explained at a human level, so that anyone can understand its benefits.


Everything I Know About Starbucks

This post is NOT everything I know about Starbucks, I will update it occasionally with new findings, and discoveries. As I initially created this post, I’ve never been a Starbucks employee, and I’m not listing everything all at once because there is so much. These findings or research are discoveries that I’ve encountered over the years.

  • The Starbucks Headquarters address is 2401 Utah Avenue South, Suite 800 Seattle, WA 98134 USA
  • The number 2401 has a significance in the company because of this. For example, the password/pins for employee devices to corporate-issued iPads and computers.
  • There is an updated manual on the different common drinks, known as the Beverage Resource Manual. It is updated annually and is considered confidential to Starbucks Corporate.