Configuring my Galaxy Watch 5

First the typical stuff:

  1. Initially pairing with the Galaxy Wearable app.
  2. When Bluetooth connects, I grant the contact sharing and phone sharing permissions.
  3. Throughout the account connection process, I connect my Google and Samsung accounts.
  4. I disallow the permissions for auto-updates and data sharing, but I allow location permissions.
  5. If applicable, configure mobile carrier service and APN.
  6. Install apps from phone using the Play Store.
  7. Update all apps on Play Store.
  8. Gboard as default keyboard.
  9. Cards added to Google Pay.
  10. Remove tiles

Now the sketchy stuff:

  1. Samung Galaxy Wearable app can be adjusted to scan QR codes for Mobile Carriers ESIM
    • About Galaxy Wearables
    • Tap Galaxy Wearable header several times
    • Test ESIM feature
    • QR Test mode turn ON
  2. Developer mode enable
    • Settings
    • About Watch
    • Software info
    • Software version press several times
  3. Enable ADB debugging and Wi-Fi debugging in developer settings
    • Remember to turn off ADB debugging when not using it
  4. Samsung Health Monitor modifications
    • For ECG and Blood Pressure monitoring
    • GeminiMan created a dedicated phone app to sideload the mods
    • SHM MOD Companion App (has self-updating feature)
    • Similar to the WearOS Manager
    • We’ll remove the un-modded one soon
  5. Remapping Google Wallet instead of Samsung Pay
    • Sideload GW4Remap and configure using instructions
    • Unfortunately we keep Bixby because if we map Google Assistant directly to Home Button hold, it would activate twice.
    • Note – On my own testing, I am having good success with disabling Google Assistant checkbox within the GW4Remap, and then assigning the Home button to Google Assistant. This may allow be to uninstall Bixby instead of simply disabling it
  6. Get rid of Bloat
    • Don’t remove Bixby Agent – We disabled it when remapping Google Wallet
    • You can remove Bixby Wakeup
    • Don’t remove Dialer – Google Phone doesn’t appear to work sideloaded
    • Nice list from Watch 4 which has some apps we want to keep
    • Plenty of watch faces to be removed, but leave a few stock ones. Don’t want to find out what happens when no watch face is available.