Portable Apps

A portable application is one that doesn’t need to be installed in order to be used. Some may store configuration files in a dedicated sub-directory within the application. These programs are convenient as they can be deleted when no longer needed without leaving excessive residual data on a system. Additionally, these programs can be stored on various storage mediums including cloud folders or USB flash drives.

I personally use and its dedicated PAF format for various applications used on a daily basis. Not all of these programs are available on the PortableApps website and are published independently. All programs are open source or free. These are my essentials:

  • Deluge – a fully featured bittorrent client
  • FileZilla – a useful FTP client
  • HexChat – a powerful IRC client
  • Notepad++ – a text and code editor
  • Telegram Desktop – an instant messaging client
  • VLC Media Player – a powerful video player
  • 7-Zip – an open source file archiver
  • Mozilla Firefox – good secondary browser to Microsoft Edge
  • OBS Studio – good for streaming and screen recording
  • MediaInfo – analyze various content information
  • Frhed – hexadecimal editor
  • Audacity – complex audio editing tool
  • WinDirStat – tool to calculate storage space
  • Rufus – utility to make bootable flash drives