Kodi Configuration

  1. Enable Expert Mode in settings under any settings sidebar
  2. Change Estuary colour to midnight under Settings/Interface/Skin/Colours
  3. Remove Main Menu items for Movies, Music, Music Videos, TV, Radio, Games
  4. Side-load the PlexKodiConnect repository and enable Unknown Sources
  5. Install and configure the PlexKodiConnect add-on to preference
  6. Sideload Discord Rich Presence addon
  7. Install service add-on Simkl TV Tracker, activate with PIN on site
  8. Install service addon-ons Unpause Jumpback
  9. Configure Jumpback to 10 seconds with minimum pause time of 0 seconds
  10. Install service add-on Stinger Scene notification
  11. Set TV shows view-type to Wall from the sidebar
  12. Flatten TV season hierchy under Settings/Media/Videos
  13. If on Windows with Bose QC45 headphones, change audio to WSAPI under Settings/System/Audio