Towson Application Personal Statement

Starting at a young age, I started learning skills with computers, including computer languages, building websites, and fixing problems that may occur. When I was in middle and high school, I tutored and assisted teaching in a computer lab environment, and even built software to enhance learning and help administration keep maintenance of the systems. When I was fifteen, I realized that what I was learning in my high school would not benefit my future career in computing and technology. I decided to leave and start college classes early, to start working on my degree, while finishing high school concurrently in an online program. Before I turned eighteen, I also invested my time as a Boy Scout, and successfully earned the highest rank of Eagle Scout. While continuing to pursue my degree in Computer Science, I’ve developed a client list of people who call me to create websites for their businesses or fix their devices. While I believe that technology can be complex, it can be explained at a human level, so that anyone can understand its benefits.