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Roles of Social Media in Business

From a business perspective, Social Media can be a very effective tool to convey information to a large audience. There are positive and negative ways that it can be used, but to be efficient as a communication mechanism, I’ve looked for three main methods of using it well.

  1. It can lower advertising costs, especially if a business has accrued many followers that view the content being shared. It can be seen as “free advertising” when followers share their posts with others. Posting frequently and consistently can improve the chances of new individual followers.
  2. Engaging with an audience and having participation can help boost online presence. This includes having contests, poll questions, and even just asking questions that can cause the audience to think creatively and interact, and even be responded to.
  3. Using interesting, original, or brand-specific keywords can boost online search optimization. Being found by people searching broadly for businesses like yours will probably not just be searching titles, but the specific fields of the organization, such as government, technology, services, etc.
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Psychology of Business Writing

Here are my take-aways on important psychological principles discussed by psychologist Helen Morris-Brown.

  1. She suggests treating text-based communications like verbal communication by responding sooner than later. With some types of digital communication, when there is more of a distance from the receiver, there is less expectation of communication. Only say things over text-based communication that you would be willing to say in-person.
  2. For behaviors, maintaining a good relationship of mutual trust between people is a consistency of successful interactions between each other. By matching expectations from both sides, trust can be maintained. She provides examples of mismatched expectations in a car dealership, and with a magic trick demonstration of “solving” a Rubik’s Cube in front of the audience by throwing it up.
  3. The psychologist talks about compliments. She explains that using multiple compliments can be more efficient than just one, and genuine sincerity is essential for conveying the message. Associating with more compliments leads to happier feelings and a sense of reward.